We plan our finances around things going right. But we all know that nothing in life is certain, which is why protection insurance is invaluable for you, your family or business. We recommend that all our clients include it in their financial plan.

Personal protection

Types of business protection include:

  • Life cover
  • Income protection
  • Mortgage protection
  • Critical illness
  • Inheritance tax

Without cover in place, you or your family will be exposed to financial struggles if you lose your job, or someone in your family experiences illness or death. We recommend you invest in a tailored protection plan for peace of mind. A personal protection policy gives you a safety-net to minimise any impact on your income, savings and investments at the times when you need it the most.

We offer a range of protection plans for individuals. Our financial advisors will review your situation and we carefully assess your situation before we recommend a policy. This review will look at your current income and commitments, financial goals and the types of events you could face in the future.

Business protection

Types of business protection include: 

  • Key person protection
  • Shareholder protection
  • Partnership protection

If you don’t have adequate cover, unforeseen events in the future could put your business at financial risk. We recommend that our clients plan ahead to ensure their business can cope if a key person leaves or suffers from a period of illness. Will your business be financially secure if you lose a partner or shareholder? When you invest in a business protection policy, you are protecting your business continuity and stability. The right insurance policy will give you the financial back-up to withstand the loss of an employee, business or profits.

We help you evaluate potential risks and put a tailored business protection plan in place to ensure you stay in control now and in the future. And, as your business grows, with the option of ongoing financial advice, we can make sure your protection plan evolves with it.

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